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At BUY LAND AND SEA YACHT/RV CUSTOMS, Inc. We are focused on providing high-quality craftsmanship for all your yachting, boating, , upholstery, electrical, , fiberglass , painting, mechanical and electronic needs. We have a retail store that provides well over 1000 products at . We provide a 100% satisfaction, we will do everything your expectations. We custom build and renovate any size yacht or boat, we take a lot of pride in every project we take on. The bottom line is DON'T SINK IT, RE-THINK IT and turn your old vessel in to a new looking and or feeling yacht, boat for a fraction of the cost of a new craft. We provide both on site repair service and our own shop for repair services. We have locations both in new Jersey and Florida. All our paints and gel coats are at the highest quality and mixed to exact specs for custom applications. Our fabrics are designed and fabricated to custom made products. Our mechanical and welding products are all custom fabricated and installed to dealer specs. We provide a custom shop that can design and fabricate and peace of furniture or other wood product(s). We have 24 hour emergency service for all our contracted clients, we offer a low cost package for the whole year, from summer to winter. Our boat sales are 100 % guaranteed for the first year of .We offer for anybody who want it.

Cool fabrications provide custom classic restorations of your classic car, Custom Bike, R V and much more. Our shop provides all levels of fabrications, custom paint work for , boats, R Vs , bikes etc

FOR A CALL ( 888)-345-2433

What we do:

  • yacht , boat and classic car, bike and R V restorations
  • Sand blasting
  • Re-painting and clear coat work
  • powder coating
  • Fiberglass repairs of all kinds
  • Gel coat re-finishing
  • Interior and exterior carpentry
  • Interior and exterior electrical wiring
  • Interior and
  • Re-surfacing work
  • Interior and exterior electronics
  • Both small and major motor work
  • Prop and drive shaft repair
  • Gas tank repair
  • Engine repairs and rebuilds
  • Interior carpeting
  • Interior head liner work
  • Custom made fabricating
  • Interior and exterior upholstery work
  • Fiberglass forming and repairs
  • Custom welding
  • Upholstery work
  • Canvas work
  • Welding work
  • electronics's
  • Electrical work