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Buy land and ​sea yac​ht/RV customs, Inc​


We are buy land and sea yacht/RV customs, Inc take pride in every project we take on. We at all times try to please every client that brings there boat or RV to us for renovation or repairs. Each Yacht, Boat and or RV that comes in is looked upon as our own and what it takes to bring it back to new or close to new within the proposed budget the client has requested. Each renovation takes on a new look and is handled with white gloves. Each repair that comes in is done in a workman like manner and we do the best we can to complete the work in our estimated time or what we promised as a completion date. Once we have finished the work on either your yacht, Boat and or RV its ready for pick up and we schedule a pick up and go to the next project. We have several locations throughout the east cost we work out of including provide yacht clubs, and marinas, RV parks that we do work in and we do on site repairs if needed. We have locations in Florida and in new Jersey. We have a web store that carries over 72,000 products to choose from at retail and some times discounted prices on holidays and more. Our corporate location is based out of Florida and our shops or in both new jersey and Florida.