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Custom boat coming up for sale

Posted on October 1, 2013 at 7:24 AM
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1989 40 foot silverton, in process of complete remodel from interior to exterior the cost for this vesel will be from 40,000.00 to 55,000.00 or best offer
1989 aqasport 29 foot with large tower, in process of complete remodel from interior to exterior all new will go for 28,000.00 to 35,000.00 or best offer
1988 bayliner 28 foot, in process of complete remodel from interior to exterior everything new this vessel will sell for 18,000.00 to 25,000.00 or best offer
1980 17 foot aqusport  center consoul re-remodeled nice sport boat to start, 3,500.00  or best offer

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MCX HNI Tips says...
I like the way you tied all the details about sales

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MCX HNI Tips says...
I like the way you tied all the details about sales

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Custom boat coming up for sale
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Custom boat coming up for sale
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Custom boat coming up for sale
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Custom boat coming up for sale
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