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Buy land and ​sea yac​ht/RV customs, Inc​


We provide the following services:

1. complete fiberglass and gel coat repairs

2. complete yacht, boat and RV custom paint work

3. Bottom coat work

4. Top deck refinishing

5. Yacht and sail repairs

6. Interior and exterior carpentry

7. Plumbing and Electrical work

8. RV re-roofing

9. Custom built furniture

10. Mask and post repairs

11. New glass both glass and plastics

12. Engine replacement and rebuilds

13. Upgrade of electronics

14. T-top installs

15. new bench and seating

16. Custom upholstery

17. new floors and carpeting

18. Bathroom and kitchen renovations

19. Tune up and other motor work.

20. Generator upgrades or installs